Communication and Public Affairs


The Communications and Public Affairs committee serves as a forum to exchange ideas and best practices regarding public affairs, marketing, and stakeholder communications. It also oversees CUTA’s advocacy and government relations activities and has a sub-committee responsible for conference planning.

Conference Planning Sub-Committee

This sub-committee of the Communications and Public Affairs Committee contributes to the development of CUTA Annual and Fall Conferences. Members discuss conference themes, topics, content and format and they review abstracts submitted to CUTA from other members to ensure high quality educational content.

Next Meeting

The next Communications and Public Affairs Committee Meeting will take place during the CUTA Forum 2017 in York Region, November 5-8, 2017. 

Latest Update

The Communications and Public Affairs Committee met on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 and heard presentations and held discussions on several issues facing the transit industry including: Social Media Crisis Communications Management, the Société de transport de Montréal’s (STM) study on GHG emissions and transit, a positive partnership between York Region Transit and York Regional Police and a presentation on an algorithm that analyzes transit service disruption reporting on Twitter.

Executive Director of the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC), Josipa Petrunic, presented CUTRIC’s five pillars of innovation and gave a brief overview of almost 80 projects currently in the pipeline – predictive analytics, autonomous vehicles, bus electrification, hydrogen fuel cell and more.

Jeff Mackey, Public Policy Coordinator for CUTA gave committee members a briefing on the Federal Budget 2017, describing long-term funding, beginning in 2018-2019, where $29 billion dollars will be allocated to transit. The public transit tax credit was removed in this budget because it failed to reach its purpose of reducing GHG emissions. CUTA sent a letter to the Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau regarding the benefit of the credit to transit as an affordability measure for customers and urged the government to find alternative affordability measures. He also gave an overview on the new Canada Infrastructure Bank, the innovation file and the Green Infrastructure Fund. 

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