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Toronto Transit Commission

Chief Operating Officer

Application Deadline: 
March 23, 2017

Position Summary

We are currently seeking a Chief Operating Officer on a permanent full-time basis.


  • Strategically planning, directing, and managing the work of the Operations Group to ensure effective and efficient operations and services;
  • Ensuring the delivery of world class subway service in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with service standards, and operating procedures;
  • Developing and/or overseeing the development of strategic Operations policies, procedures, programs, guidelines and standards in the best interests of the TTC, and in accordance with all applicable legislation;
  • Consistently delivering service improvements to the betterment of KPIs for the Operations Group;
  • Ensuring accountability at senior management levels;
  • Ensuring the timely and accurate reporting of financial/performance results, including any significant cost, security, safety or human resources and ridership/revenue issues to the Chief Executive Officer, or other Senior Managers as appropriate;
  • Ensuring the commercial and contractual position of the TTC is optimized and protected;
  • Ensuring appropriate quality assurance programs are established;
  • Participating in the development of collective bargaining proposals for the Operations Group;
  • Ensuring that the maintenance standards established along with the practices and procedures necessary to carry them out are acceptable according to industry standards and have been developed in a manner as to address operating experience and audit recommendations Selecting and/ or approving the selection of senior staff, and conducting performance reviews of senior management;
  • Ensuring all policies and standards of the TTC are adhered to by all employees in the Operations Group;
  • Acting as a resource and providing consultation, direction, advise, guidance and technical expertise regarding operations issues;
  • Ensuring that service disruptions are minimized when stations/lines are temporarily closed for the purpose of infrastructure maintenance/enhancement;
  • Overseeing the successful delivery of various initiatives in the Operations Group, such as the; trial operations and subsequent entry into revenue service of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE); implementation of the Automatic Train Control Project (ATC); and roll-out of One Person Train Operations (OPTO);
  • Directing and overseeing the development of capital and annual operating budgets for the Operations Group that are focused on maintaining the systems in a state of good repair and operation of the subway system in a safe and efficient manner ;
  • Monitoring and adjusting business activities to manage within budget allocations, and in the best interests of the TTC;
  • Substituting for the Chief Executive Officer as required;
  • Responsible for providing leadership in overseeing the work of Group and/or Department staff (either directly or through direct reports) ensuring that accessibility/accommodation needs of TTC passengers and/or employees are effectively met in a timely fashion in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and Related Orders so that they can fully benefit from the TTC as a service-provider and an employer.

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