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Durham Region Transit

General Manager, Transit

Application Deadline: 
September 20, 2019

Position Summary

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, the General Manager, Durham Region Transit, is responsible and accountable for setting the system’s strategic direction and operational management. The General Manager advances Regional Council 's vision, priorities, and programs for transit and develops and implements service plans and growth strategies that successfully serve the Region’s growing population in both urban and rural settings. The GM provides leadership for overall performance in long-term planning, service planning, service delivery, financial planning and sustainability, and organizational effectiveness, ensuring the safety, health, wellbeing, and satisfaction of the public through high-quality transit services. The General Manager establishes effective communications with elected officials, the community and stakeholders, including other levels of
government and transit systems. With a team of more than 500, the GM provides seamless integration of interagency transit services to meet the travel needs of Durham Region residents, businesses, and visitors.

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