British Columbia

Photo of BC Premier Christy Clark


Christy Clark
British Columbia Liberal Party
Majority Government elected May 14, 2013

Minister Responsible for Public Transit

Todd Stone (Transportation and Infrastructure)

Political and Electoral News

TransLink Funding Referendum

Further to provincial legislation passed last year, on May 15, 2015 the region of Metro Vancouver completed a ten-week voting period on a plebiscite to decide whether the Mayors' Transportation and Transit Plan (released in June 2014) would be funded through a 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax to be collected with the provincial sales tax. CUTA supported a positive outcome of the plebiscite, and the concept of revenue tools to invest in the future and respond to local needs, by providing objective data and benchmarking, as well as sharing experience from similar ballot measures conducted throughout the United States. 

Funding and Program Announcements

B.C. on the Move

On March 17, 2015 the provincial government announced its 10-year multimodal transportation plan, resulting from an extensive engagement process. Its 12 priorities included a commitment to maintaining the highest level of operating support for transit in Canada, and targeted $312 million in operating contributions to BC Transit over the next three years. On the Lower Mainland, the province reaffirmed its commitment to fund one-third of the cost of new rapid transit projects and the Pattullo Bridge, provided they can be accommodated within the provincial fiscal plan and the investments are supported by a business case. More Information on B.C. on the Move

Budget 2015

The release of BC's Balanced Budget 2015 on February 17 included no highlights for public transit.

Accessibility Plan

In June, 2014, the Premier released Accessibility 2024: Making B.C. the Most Progressive Province in Canada for People with Disabilities by 2024. One of the 12 building blocks in this 10-year action plan is a goal to have B.C. communities offer the most accessible transportation options in Canada, with an emphasis on public transportation, by 2024. This goal is also a priority in B.C. on the Move. More Information on Accessibility 2024