British Columbia



John  Horgan

British Columbia New Democratic Party

Minority Government elected May 9, 2017



Minister Responsible for Public Transit

  • Claire Trevena (Transportation and Infrastructure)

Political and Electoral News

  • NDP minority government governing with the support of three Green MLAs.

Funding and Program Announcements

  • Budget 2018 implemented several measures to make ferries more affordable, including a fare freeze on three major routes, a 15 per cent fare decrease on small routes and discounted rates for seniors some days of the week. 
  • Metro Vancouver Mayors and the provincial government have recently approved a 1.5 per cent increase in the gas tax to help pay for transit projects such as Surrey’s LRT and the Millennium Line extension.
  • Starting in 2019, the province of British Columbia will receive more than $2.69B over ten years in federal funding for public transit infrastructure.
  • The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund will invest $460M of federal funding for transit in British Columbia