Anita Wasiuta: CUTA Individual Awards 2017

Anita Wasiuta is a strong advocate for transit and sustainable transportation. Her career spans
over 35 years with BC Transit including roles in customer service, planning, communications and marketing. For the last 10 years Anita has led the marketing and design team. In this role, she coordinates customer information for over 50 transit systems across the province, as well as building transit awareness campaigns focused on the customer. Programs that Anita implemented, such as Be Part of the Solution, have improved awareness of transit in building strong communities and creating a sustainable way of life. At the CUTA York Forum 2017, Anita was recognized with a CUTA Distinguished Service award.

Throughout her career Anita has made numerous contributions to CUTA. This includes her work to organize and host multiple Youth Summits, as well as her participation for more than 20 years on many CUTA committees including the Marketing and Communications committee and the Awards committee.

Anita has led numerous successful and creative marketing initiatives over the past 10 years in her role as marketing manager. This includes four marketing and communications campaigns that were each recognized by CUTA for their excellence. A new campaign led this year by Anita further demonstrates her passion for transit and her innovative marketing acumen. Kids Ride the Bus is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 curriculum-based program created to inspire young transit riders. Anita worked with elementary educators to build the program which includes a microsite, a kid's activity book, a peer learning video, curriculum activities and visits to the classroom from transit ambassadors. Kids Ride the Bus was launched in June of 2017 with program materials distributed to over 600 schools throughout BC Transit communities across the province.

Anita is an active advocate for transit and sustainability. Anita walks the talk. She takes transit to work, she grows her own food, and actively participates with organizations that support sustainability. With BC Transit's Green Team she helps to educate staff on waste reduction, energy conservation and green transportation. This year Anita was recognized by the Lieutenant Governor of BC for 35 years of distinguished service.

The CUTA Individual Leadership Awards honour notable achievements by transit personnel in the categories of Distinguished Service, Excellence, and Heroism.


Je tiens à transmettre mes sincères félicitations à Mme Anita Wasiuta , récipiendaire du Prix de leadership des individus de l'ACTU ainsi que le la reconnaissance des 35 ans de services distingués d'Anita de la part du lieutenant-gouverneur de la Colombie-Britannique. Anita, ce fut un plaisir d'avoir travaillé avec toi au sein du Comité des affaires publiques. Si le gouvernement fédéral investit dans le secteur du transport en commun depuis quelques années, c'est grâce à vos efforts. Soyez-en remerciée.
Bernard D'Amour

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