Marvin Rotrand: CUTA Individual Awards 2017

Between 2001 and 2017, Marvin Rotrand served as Vice-chair of the Board of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), Canada's second largest transit system. Marvin has taken pride that his years of championing transit on the STM Board, at City Council and in the media, have resulted in many accomplishments for STM and its customers. At the CUTA York Forum 2017, Marvin was recognized with a CUTA Distinguished Service award.

One of Marvin's proudest achievements lies with his success in working with others at CUTA to build the Transit Board Members Committee and transform it into a powerful instrument aimed at engaging with decision makers in Ottawa and provincial capitals. Marvin was the STM's representative on the Transit Board Members Committee (TBMC) from its formation in 2005 until 2017, serving as Vice Chair from 2010 to 2014, then as Chair from 2014 until 2017. TBMC was able to successfully interact with all federal parties, convincing them that making transit a priority in the 2015 election was vital to success. Marvin leveraged a lifetime of relationships and employed social media to spread the message. He invited each TBMC member to actively engage with federal and provincial politicians. The TBMC team reached out formally to each federal party, contacted candidates directly and explained the economic and environmental benefits of transit. Under Marvin's guidance, TBMC spoke with one voice and maintained a united front promoting transit's benefits for large and small communities.

In Montréal during Marvin's tenure on the STM Board, annual ridership increased from 356 million to 416 million, transit priority measures increased from zero to 375 km, and the general level of customer satisfaction grew from 77% to 89%. Nationally, the CUTA Transit Board Members Committee was a vital part of a collective effort to demonstrate the importance of public transit. Many advocates worked together on this, including FCM and provincial groups, resulting in federal transit investment growing from zero in 2001 to approximately $1 billion annually in 2015, and overall transit infrastructure investment from all sources rising from $676 million in 2001 to $5.9 billion per year in 2015. The role of CUTA and the TBMC – through Marvin's leadership and in collaboration with CUTA staff – was instrumental in achieving these results.

The CUTA Individual Leadership Awards honour notable achievements by transit personnel in the categories of Distinguished Service, Excellence, and Heroism.

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