Société de Transport de Laval's Award-Winning "Intelligent Signal Priority" Project

The Société de Transport de Laval’s Intelligent Signal Priority project is a first of its kind in Québec in terms of its complexity and scope. It involves equipping all STL vehicles and 232 traffic lights with a smart communication system to request priority pass- age.


A  transit signal priority system ensures faster, more efficient and more economical services. Since the system has been installed in Laval, travel time savings have already been observed. Route schedules will  be adjusted over a one-year period based on detailed statistics collected by the buses throughout the system. The overall project will help improve the transit service in Laval and reduce GHG emissions from transportation. With faster trip times, public transit will become more attractive to existing and new customers.


In total, more than 90% of the traffic lights through which STL vehicles pass every day, and close to 75% of all traffic lights in Laval, are now smart lights with transit priority.

The real-time operations assistance system, which was deployed to all  STL  vehicles in 2009, is already a first in Québec, and remains unique in its  field.  The two-way TSP communication system for  buses is  also unique, and was tailor-made for  the STL. Together, both projects help improve STL’s service to its customers. 


For this project, the Société de Transport de Laval won a CUTA Corporate Leadership Award in Innovation, congratulations!

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