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Individual Leadership Awards 2017

The nominations for CUTA's Individual Leadership Awards are now closed. The Individual Leadership Awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday November 7, 2017 at the CUTA Forum 2017 in York Region.

Every year CUTA is proud to recognize the efforts and excellence of outstanding individuals by presenting leadership awards in the categories of Excellence, Distinguished Service, Heroism and W.G. Ross Lifetime Achievement.

Learn more about the nomination guidelines and award categories:


Awarded to recognize a single major contribution made by an individual which has resulted in the betterment of a public transit initiative on behalf of their organizations. This could be awarded to an employee of a CUTA member, a volunteer or a community advocate.

For recognition of superior and outstanding service over a period of ten years or more as a public transit professional. Awarded to an employee of a CUTA member who has furthered the standing of the public transit profession in Canada through professional practice and/or personal relations.

Awarded to individuals who have performed a heroic act. The act must be one in which no full measure of responsibility exists between the individual and the endangered party and must go above and beyond the call of duty.

Named after CUTA's first president (1904-1906), the W.G. Ross Lifetime Achievement award, a prestigious public transit honour, is awarded to an individual with exceptional involvement in the promotion and practice of public transit in Canada. The Award recognizes the outstanding and consistent effort of a transit employee/advocate for a minimum of 25 years of service who, through their dedication and commitment, has led to the advancement and betterment of the public transit industry as a whole. The W.G. Ross Award recipients are inducted in CUTA's Hall of Fame.

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