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UITP Global Public Transport Summit Theme

Lead the TRANSITion

Theme: Public transport is rapidly changing. In a world of increasing technologies, globalisation and new players entering the sector, we cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. We need to take an active role and "Lead the TRANSITion”.

This is the theme of the 2017 Global Public Transport Summit (previously known as the UITP World Congress & Exhibition). And you can expect to find all the content that you’ve come to expect from CUTA events, with North American speakers and Focus Sessions.

With digitalisation, advances in green energy and the related emergence of new players such as Uber and Lyft, public transport is witnessing rapid change and a drastic evolution in urban mobility. The sector needs to face these challenges head on and find its role in this new ‘ecosystem' for public transport and urban mobility.

Within the ‘Lead the TRANSITion’ theme, the assembled transport community will look to address the following topics: the urban and social transition; digitalisation; energy efficiency; greater entrepreneurship in the sector and financial or regulatory dimensions related to the above and their influence on the new urban mobility landscape. 

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