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Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining

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This October, CUTA is offering our  Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining course for transit leaders.

With arbitration and bargaining simulations, participants will experience an in-depth, transit-oriented labour relations and collective bargaining training over a period of 5 days from practicing experts.

This course will cover everything from recent legal opinion to best practices on addressing disagreements, disputes with unions, and constructive labour relations. The arbitration simulation and collective bargaining simulation offer a rare opportunity to engage with a practicing arbitrator and a practicing labour lawyer within the context of a larger, specialized training event.

Participants will sharpen their skills in scenarios with other participants, receive feedback on handling stress when stakes are high, and learn the ins and outs of the following topics:

  • Applying labour laws
  • Resolving employee grievances
  • Managing employee performance issues
  • Utilizing alternative bargaining strategies to collaborate with unions
  • Preparing presentations for arbitration hearings
  • Understanding collective agreements and generating ideas for improvements
  • Negotiating collective agreements

This intensive course will be split into two sections:

  • October 18-19-20: Labour Law, Grievances, Arbitration + Simulation
  • October 23-24: Collective Bargaining + Simulation

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When and Where

Oct 18 to Oct 24
Toronto, ON