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Transit Ambassador Core Modules Certification

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CUTA's Transit Ambassador Program will help your transit system create or expand upon a culture of customer service by empowering your employees with skills to better handle the many situations that arise when interacting with a customer. It is comprised of a series of training modules which address crucial topics in customer service. 

The Train-the-Trainer: Core Modules form the heart of Transit Ambassador. This 5-day certification course addresses the fundamental issues of customer service in its content and develops the skills of the trainers in your organization who will be facilitating the program.

Transit Ambassador is the quality cornerstone that CUTA has set as an industry standard over the past 20 years. Trainers who have achieved certification as a Transit Ambassador Trainer are well-equipped to complete the training process, and managers know that their staff has achieved the highest level of training available in our industry. 

Upon completion of the Transit Ambassador - Core Modules certification program, CUTA continues to support and coach the newly certified trainers with other additional programs, tools, and User Group sessions.

Target Competencies

At the end of this learning event, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the complaints and arbitration process from the Human Resources perspective
  • How to apply progressive discipline
  • Describe the implications of diversity in the workplace
  • Work with Human Resources staff
  • Align Operations practices with Human Resources policies outline

Learners will cover the following topics:

  • Complaints and arbitration: avoiding problems
  • Progressive discipline: how to use it as a tool to motivate employees
  • Diversity: how to appreciate the value others bring
  • Human Resources issues in supervision: bridging the gap with Human Resources staff

When and Where

Apr 23 to Apr 27
8620 - 58 Avenue
Ferrier Garage
Edmonton, AB T6E 5G3