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[Webinar] Concordia University’s TRIP Lab's Itinerum™: Smartphone Travel Survey Platform

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CUTA will be hosting a webinar in collaboration with Concordia University’s TRIP Lab on their free Smartphone-based Travel Survey Platform: Itinerum™. Join us on Wednesday, October 18th from 1:30PM – 2:30PM as Zachary Patterson PhD from Concordia University showcases Itinerum. Please register for the webinar here.

This webinar will showcase the Itinerum Platform by providing the following information:

  • Introduction to Itinerum
  • How to create your own smartphone-based travel surveys for free
  • How organizations and institutions like STM, BIXI, University of Toronto has used Itinerum
  • Future directions for Itinerum

The Itinerum Platform builds upon the applications, data collection, visualization and processing infrastructure of the of the Itinerum smartphone travel survey app and allows researchers and analysts to easily develop smartphone-based travel surveys and process and analyze collected transportation data. The platform was developed by Concordia University Transportation Research for Integrated Planning (TRIP) Lab together with various academic and institutional partners including Ryerson University, University of Toronto, Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT), BIXI, and Société de transport de Montréal (STM).

Itinerum draws on influences from survey platforms, do-it-yourself app developing platforms, and Open Source projects designed to facilitate the use of advanced computing. Users can create and administer their own travel surveys, send an invitation to potential respondents and view, export, and analyze the securely stored data. Administrators can process (e.g. convert collected data into trips), analyze and infer information (e.g. travel times) from the data through the platform. To ensure innovation and shareability, the source code for the platform will be available to be used, modified and distributed under an open source license at the end of the Itinerum project. The benefits of using Itinerum are limitless and could serve to help urban planners and policy makers better understand the mobility needs of urban dwellers.

When and Where

Oct 18
1:30pm - 2:30pm