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Webinar: Understanding Your Customers Through User Experience Mapping – A Case Study on Persons with Disabilities Using Domestic Flights

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Customers are the starting point for planning and delivering meaningful transit service. A clear understanding of how customers view and interact with a transit system at each stage of their trip is crucial in operating a successful system. Traditional approaches to gathering customer feedback can be effective, but do they reflect an equitable picture? Users are dually individuals and members of distinct communities that interact with their environments, processes, and transit systems in unique ways.

User experience (UX) mapping is a powerful tool which uses visual mapping to illuminate the interconnectedness of cross-channel experiences, and gain strategic insight to orchestrate improvements to service touchpoints over time and physical space. UX mapping offers a framework for putting the customer first, and re-framing the conversation from the outset to focus on the user.

The presentation will outline a UX mapping process completed for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to illustrate the experiences of persons with disabilities on domestic flights (which are federally regulated). The presentation highlights the user-research process used with four (4) different groups of travelers with disabilities, to understand their experiences from initial trip booking through to the final destination. Using input gathered from focused one-on-one conversations, the UX maps dually illustrate customers’ unique journeys, challenges, and “moments of delight”, as well as common experiences. Ultimately, the UX maps will assist ESDC in decision-making regarding future accessibility legislation, policies, and regulations.


Dennis Kar: Dennis leads Dillon Consulting’s Integrated Mobility service line, with over 17 years of experience as a consultant in the transit industry.   

Nadia Galati: Nadia is an urban planner/designer at Dillon Consulting, with over 5 years of planning and design experience, including engagement, placemaking, master planning, and environmental assessment.


This webinar is only offered in English.

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Mar 14
1:00pm - 2:30pm