Events & Training

CUTA Committee Meetings - UITP Global Public Transport Summit

To coordinate with UITP's programming at the 2017 Global Public Transport Summit, CUTA has planned to hold Regional and National committee meetings on Saturday, May 13th. (The Board of Directors meeting will take place on Sunday, May 14th.) 

Please see below for the times that have been set aside for Committee Meetings and plan to attend.

Meeting agendas and a finalized schedule will be sent out in the coming weeks.

*Meetings will take place on Level 500 of the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

Committee Meetings - Executive Date Time
Board of Directors Sun. May 14 07:15-11:30
Executive Sat. May 13 09:00-12:30
Committee Meetings - National    
Regional Chairs Sat. May 13 08:00-09:00
Human Resources Committee Sat. May 13 15:30-17:30
Communications & Public Affairs Committee   Sat. May 13 13:30-15:30
Technical Services Committee  Sat. May 13  13:30-16:30
Business Members Committte  Sat. May 13  15:30-17:30
Transit Board Members Committee  Sat. May 13  15:30-17:30
Committee Meetings - Regional     
Ontario Regional Sat. May 13 18:00-19:00
Québec Regional Sat. May 13 18:00-19:00
BC Regional Sat. May 13 18:00-19:00
Task Force Meetings    
Youth & Emerging Leaders Task Force/YELTF Sat. May 13 13:30-15:30
Technical Services Sub-Committee (Breakout) Meetings    
Maintenance & Vehicle Technology  Sat. May 13  15:30-16:30
Accessible Transit  Sat. May 13  15:30-16:30
Planning and ITS  Sat. May 13  15:30-16:30
Statistics  Sat. May 13  15:30-16:30
Annual General Meeting Tues. May 16 18:30-19:30