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Join the Awards Committee

Due to recent retirements, we have three vacancies in the Awards Committee. We would like to invite you or an appropriate person within your organization to consider serving on the Committee.

What is your role as a member of the Awards Committee?

The role of the Committee is to evaluate Awards nominations and determine those that merit recognition based on a series of objective criteria. Each committee member reviews the nominations then the Committee meets via conference call to discuss the nominations and make final decisions. The time commitment for the year is approximately 5 hours including the conference calls to select the winners.

The Awards Program

Our Awards Program is one of the most tangible and exciting ways that we are able to recognize excellence within Canada's public transit industry by providing members with the opportunity to celebrate corporate and individual accomplishments.

The Corporate Leadership Awards, increase positive exposure and prestige by highlighting notable corporate initiatives and advancements made by transit systems and business member companies. The Awards are presented in the categories of Environment, Innovation, Marketing and Communications, and Safety and Security.

The Individual Leadership Awards, recognize the hard work, dedication and innovation of transit employees and industry advocates. The Awards are presented in the categories of Excellence, Distinguished Service, Heroism and Lifetime Achievement (W.G. Ross Award).

From 2018 on, our Award ceremony will combine Corporate and Individual Leadership.

Criteria of Application

The vacancies are open to all CUTA members who believe in the importance of employee and corporate recognition.

If you or someone within your organization is interested in joining the committee, you may send a summary of the interested person’s current position, background and reason for wishing to serve on the Awards Committee. Send your email to Marie-Noëlle Tudieshe before March 16th at with a copy to Jason Allen, Director, Learning & Networking at  


New members will be selected based on balancing considerations of regional distribution, transit system or company representation and size, and personal experience within the transit industry.