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Sponsor a CUTA event – it’s a smart move! 

Every year, CUTA is proud to partner with our members and the business community to bring you Canada's most influential transit conferences and trade show.  Our sponsorship program offers exceptional value and is a great way for you to really stand out from the competition and connect with hundreds of transit decision-makers and industry leaders.

There is something for everyone, with the option to mix and match items and events to suit your promotional budget and goals. Have something unique in mind? We'd love to chat.

For information on sponsorship:

Sponsorship levels and benefits at a glance

Individual silver opportunities and events include:

  • Technical tours $4,000 
  • Monday AM break $3,500
  • Monday PM break $3,500
  • Tuesday AM break $3,500
  • Conference signage $3,000
  • General SILVER conference sponsorship $2,500

Additional Silver Benefits


Individual GOLD opportunities and events include:

  • General GOLD conference sponsorship $5,000
  • Monday lunch $6,000
  • Mobile device charging station $5,000 – logo recognition on station design
  • Print sponsorship $6,000 – logo or wordmark to appear on large-scale printed signage as: Signage Sponsored by "Your company name or logo"
  • Hotel key cards $6,000

Additional Gold Benefits


Individual platinum opportunities and events include:

  • General PLATINUM sponsorship $10,000
  • Tuesday closing lunch $10,000
  • Event app $10,000

Additional Platinum Benefits


Individual DIAMOND opportunities and events include:

  • General diamond sponsorship $15,000

Additional Diamond Benefits


Customize your sponsorship at any level with flexible pricing

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Thank you to our 2018 Fall Conference sponsors!

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