Member Benefits

Every day, CUTA members are involved in moving people to wherever life takes them. It is an exciting time to be involved in the transit industry as it grows, innovates and integrates across multiple modes of transportation. By becoming a member of CUTA you are joining transit systems, associations, suppliers, businesses and individuals in the movement and collective strength of this dynamic industry. Members benefit from CUTA expertise, data, training, events, networking opportunities, advocacy and so much more. CUTA is Canada’s voice for public transit – join and be heard!

Have look at some of the benefits areas of CUTA membership:

CUTA’s national and regional committees, task force and subcommittees harness the strength of the transit industry and tackle its challenges collectively and constructively. Your involvement connects you to the leading public transit innovation and current developments. It is your opportunity to influence the future of transit and integrated mobility.

CUTA is internationally recognized for being a leader in the reporting of Canadian transit system statistics. CUTA identifies research needs of members and provides valuable bench-marking technical data, trend analysis and publications essential to transit system operations and at a fraction of the cost of independent research. The CUTA library also contains over 7000 volumes of specialized transit information, facts, data, statistical reports, books and documents. As a member you will be equipped with the most comprehensive collection of public transit information in Canada.

CUTA organizes two major transit events each year, an Annual and a Fall Conference, in addition to various workshops and symposiums. The Trans-Expo trade show is part of the fall conference and provides an excellent opportunity to be part of the largest gathering of transit industry delegates, products and services in Canada. With over 100 vehicle and product display exhibitors assembled, it is in an unparalleled arena and exchange of transit information for up to 1000 visitors. These conferences are known for their quality content, dynamic sessions, engaging speakers and interactive networking and professional development components. Conference delegates exchange valuable ideas and experiences with colleagues in every aspect of the industry as well as participate in learning and develop contacts and build alliances for the future.

CUTA's dedicated staff members are specialists in public transit and their respective fields. With broad expertise on issues of transit planning, operations, marketing, technology, training, government relations, human resources and policy issues, we provide technical and advisory assistance on demand and in response to your particular need. Through our network of national and international contacts and connections with affiliated organizations and advocacy work, CUTA is a leader in the public transit industry.

Policy formulation is complex; it involves many stakeholders and is highly influenced by those who have the time and resources to promote their interests and gain the support of politicians and senior bureaucrats. CUTA’s proven success in this area, combined with continued involvement in critical national issues help lead to policies that benefit transit. Gaining better public and political support for transit will only happen if its benefits are communicated persuasively, continually and effectively. It is also critical that transit's voice is heard when major issues arise and governments are seeking solutions that transit can provide. There are many organizations who speak supportively of transit, but the loudest voice of all is the association whose members make up nearly the entire transit industry in Canada. Your membership ensures that your views and concerns are heard and included in the process.

CUTA is a leader and active partner in national and international education and outreach initiatives designed to build support and increase investment in public transit. We are aware of key national issues as they arise; we assess their importance, communicate updates to members, determine actions to be taken and act in a decisive manner to bring about favourable results. Key issues include advancing sustainable practices, the development of integrated urban mobility and furthering transit security. Transit Vision 2040 is a long-term initiative that CUTA is spearheading to develop an industry vision framing a comprehensive definition of the role of public transit in Canada.

Since 1984 CUTA has specialized in training, performance and recruitment improvement solutions. Programs and services are designed to deliver the latest techniques and tools to meet the unique needs of the transit industry. As a CUTA member you qualify for a member discounted rate on open enrollment and intact-team learning events such as Transit Ambassador and SmartDriver. CUTA Learning Centre staff has over 35 years of expertise in the field of adult education. In partnership with APTA and UITP, CUTA provides customized and tailored learning events and training programs, reviews and audits, needs assessments, leadership training, and instructor certification.

CUTA champions leadership in the Canadian public transit industry by awarding individual and corporate National Transit Awards at the Annual and Fall Conferences. This is a unique and prestigious opportunity for you, your organization to nominate and participate the celebration and recognition of excellence in transit.

CUTA offers a variety of publications and online resources to members. The Urban Mobility Forum Magazine is the primary source of transit industry news in Canada. EXPRESSions is a bi-weekly association bulletin, communicating the latest transit and association developments. The CUTA Membership Directory is a premier resource guide, listing key contacts of all CUTA members. Statistical and research reports as well as technical publications are also offered to members at discounted rates.

Share your message by taking advantage of the many speaking and sponsorship opportunities at conferences, workshops and other association events. CUTA events provide the perfect forum to capture an engaged audience and promote your expertise or brand.

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