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12 March 2018

Last chance to submit projects to PTIF fast approaching

Any transit systems with unsubmitted projects to the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) should be sure to send their proposals and reporting requirements to their respective provinces as soon as possible. The deadline for federal approval under PTIF is March 31, 2018, but projects must first be submitted to and reviewed by provinces prior to federal approval. If a project is approved by the federal government prior to the March 31, 2018 deadline, then up to 50% of eligible expenses for that projects will qualify for federal funding until March 31, 2020 (You can learn more about PTIF and its program parameters here). If you have a project that you would like to be funded under PTIF please contact your provincial stakeholders immediately.

If you have any questions about PTIF or federal funding please contact Jeff Mackey.

Federal Government Signs First Bilateral Agreement of its Long-Term Infrastructure Program

Infrastructure and Communities Minister Amarjeet Sohi signed the first bilateral agreement of the government’s $180 billion Investing in Canada infrastructure Plan with the North West Territories on March 7. The agreement includes $8,344,774 over 10-years to improve Yellowknife’s transit system. This money will be bolstered by provincial and municipal contributions, likely doubling the total investment in transit within the territory over this period.

The expected outcomes of the investment are improved public transit infrastructure, improved quality and safety of the existing transit system, and improved access to the public transit system. CUTA expects additional bilateral agreements with other provinces and territories to be signed in the coming weeks and will provide members with a full analysis once the text of the agreement is available for review.

Also included in the North West Territory agreement was $208,230,295 to support greenhouse gas emission reductions, enable greater adaptation and resilience to the impacts of climate change, and ensure that more communities can provide clean air and safe drinking water. An additional $26,187,414 will go towards community, culture and recreation infrastructure. Finally, $328,014,343 will go to support projects that improve the quality of life in rural and northern communities.

For more information please contact Jeff Mackey.

Webinar: Understanding Your Customers Through User Experience Mapping – A Case Study on Persons with Disabilities Using Domestic Flights

Customers are the starting point for planning and delivering meaningful transit service. A clear understanding of how customers view and interact with a transit system at each stage of their trip is crucial in operating a successful system. Traditional approaches to gathering customer feedback can be effective, but do they reflect an equitable picture?

Join us on Wednesday, March 14th at 1 pm – 2:30 pm EDT as representatives from Dillon Consulting will present on a UX mapping process completed for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This webinar is only offered in English.

For more information or to troubleshoot webinar issues, please contact Calvin Chia at extension 112.


A key pillar of CUTA’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan is to establish the organization as a Centre of Excellence (COE) on Transit and Integrated Urban Mobility (IUM) and show thought-leadership in shaping and influencing the future of urban mobility in Canada. CUTA is working to achieve this through building a “one-stop shop” for transit and IUM analysis, benchmarking, best practices and tools.

While we work towards the launch of the COE in 2018, visit CUTA’s website for updates on COE projects and resources and read on below for some projects currently underway!

Integrated Mobility Implementation Toolbox

The Integrated Mobility Implementation Toolbox project final report can be found here here.

Next Steps:  The Mobility Management Task Force is currently looking for projects that might be good candidates for an integrated mobility pilot project by operationalizing the principles outlined in the Toolbox.

Ridership Trends

CUTA’s Ridership Trends Project is off to a great start with the University of Toronto’s Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) chosen as the project’s consultant. This project will conduct an in‐depth study on current and future conventional ridership trends through research and consultation with transit systems to provide an understanding of the correlation between causal factors and ridership in Canada and provide explanation(s) of ridership decline at a transit system, Census Service Area (CSA), and national level Ridership Methodology.

Currently Underway: UTTRI has sent out a survey to all CUTA member transit systems. The deadline for the survey is Friday, March 9th. Please ensure that your transit system completes the survey as soon as possible to ensure the success of the project and its contribution to understanding forces at play on the transit industry.

For more information related to any of the COE projects, please contact Lauren Rudko at extension 113.


Be a part of the CUTA Awards Committee!

Due to recent changes, we now have three vacancies on the CUTA Awards Committee. We would like to extend an invite to you or someone within your organization to consider serving on the Committee. The role of the Committee is to evaluate Awards nominations and determine those that merit recognition based on a series of objective criteria. To find more about the Awards Committee, please click here.

To submit to the position, please send a summary of current position, background and reason to serve on the Awards Committee before March 16th to Marie-Noëlle Tudieshe and Jason Allen.

Technical Services Committee Searching for Secretary

The Technical Services Committee is currently looking for nominees for the position of Secretary. The Secretary’s primary responsibilities are to take meeting minutes, and serve as part of the committee leadership along with the Chair and Vice-Chair. The succession plan for the committee is that when the Chair resigns, the Vice-Chair takes their place, moving the Secretary to the Vice-Chair position. This position is open to all CUTA members who are part of the Technical Service Committee, regardless of membership type. Please indicate your interest in the position by end of day March 16th, 2018.

Please contact Lauren Rudko at extension 113 if you would like to be considered for the position.

Maintenance and Vehicle Technology Sub-Committee

Workshop: Roadmap to Electrification

CUTA’s Maintenance and Vehicle Technology Sub-Committee is hosting a workshop to create a document outlining the process by which a transit system would make the transition to electrification. This document will be available to all CUTA members and will include what to consider at every step along the way to electrification.

  • Who’s invited: Transit systems who are at any point along the process towards electrification (from just considering it to full implementation) and others who are interested in the process
  • Due to space limitations, depending on registration numbers, we may limit attendance to 1-2 participants per system
  • The workshop will take place at the Coast Mountain Bus Facilities and will be at no cost to participantsA formal invitation will be available once all details have been confirmed

Please contact Lauren Rudko at extension 113 for more information or to express your interest in attending.

Webinar: Alternative Fuels - Planning for Deployment of Electric & Fuel Cell Buses

With more systems transitioning to non-diesel fuels, CUTA is responding to member needs by creating learning opportunities about alternative fuels.

Join us on Thursday 22nd at 1pm – 2pm EST as Dana Lowell, consultant working with Coast Mountain Bus, will provide an overview of the different fuel types available on the Canadian market, as well as their associated costs. The webinar format will be a 30-minute presentation, followed by a 30 min Q & A session. This webinar is only offered in English.

For more information or to troubleshoot webinar issues, please contact Anita Bayoulou at extension 103.

CUTA Statistics Advisory Committee

CUTA’s Statistics Advisory Committee has commenced work on CUTA’s Open Data initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to engage CUTA members on the topic of making data more accessible. Committee members will continue to meet regularly and act as an advisory group for CUTA on open data.

For more information, please contact Calvin Chia at extension 112.

Accessible Transit Sub-Committee

CUTA’s Accessible Transit Sub-committee has been tasked by CUTA to conduct a review of its specialized transit data collection program to identify data fields that could be potential candidates to be made open. The purpose of this initiative is to engage with our members to make recommendations to CUTA on what data could be shared openly to better explain mobility trends in Canada. Committee members will begin to meet regularly and act as an advisory group for CUTA on specialized transit open data.

For more information, please contact Calvin Chia at extension 112.


Introduction to Asset Management for Transit

Are you in need of an Asset Management Plan? Click here to learn about our Introduction to Asset Management for Transit course, and how you can register for a very affordable session near you!

For more information, contact Kevin Brown  at extension 121 or Sarah at extension 115.