2017 Individual Leadership Awards

CUTA Individual Leadership Awards Recognize Remarkable Service, Heroism, and Excellence

York Region, ONTARIO--( - November 07, 2017)

With a career that spans over 35 years with BC Transit, Anita Wasiuta has coordinated over 50 transit systems across the province, and built numerous transit system awareness campaigns, including the most recent Kids Ride the Bus initiative which inspired a generation of young transit riders across 600 schools throughout BC Transit communities- earning Anita a CUTA Distinguished Service award. Sharon Doyle who was part of the amalgamation team that formed York Region Transit (YRT) has been leading the YRT’s Mobility Plus paratransit service since its inception in 2001. Along with her team, Sharon was instrumental in the YRT’s implementation of fare-parity and payment options for Mobility Plus travellers, among many other important achievements that make Sharon a true transit visionary, recognized with a CUTA Distinguished Service award.

The Distinguished Service award also went to Marvin Rotrand who served as Vice-chair of the Board of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) between 2001 and 2017, and helped build CUTA’s Transit Board Members Committee and transform it into a powerful instrument aimed at engaging with decision makers in Ottawa and provincial capitals. Renée Lafrenière who sits on several CUTA task forces, and who currently serves as Director of Development, Marketing and Communications at the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) is also a recipient of CUTA’s Distinguished Service award for her continued projects in marketing including the most recent development of the new STO brand image.

Benoït Robert is the founder of car sharing in North America and an early adopter of personalized RFID chips to access car shares and get on transit operations. A champion pioneer in revolutionizing urban mobility, Benoït is the recipient of the CUTA Excellence award.

Katherine Watson and Dawn Sutton have been awarded the CUTA Heroism award for their truly altruistic acts in aiding and assisting a person in medical distress. Faced with a scenario in which a garbage truck struck a pedestrian, leaving her severely injured, Katherine and Dawn were able to quickly intervene, calm the pedestrian, and stop the bleeding to her leg until medical assistance arrived.

The CUTA Individual Leadership Awards honour notable achievements by transit personnel in the categories of Distinguished Service, Excellence, and Heroism.


The 2017 Award Recipients are:

Distinguished Service:

  • Anita Wasiuta – BC Transit
  • Sharon Doyle – York Region Transit
  • Marvin Rotrand – Société de Transport de Montréal
  • Renée Lafrenière – Société de Transport de l’Outaouais.


  • Benoït Robert – Communauto


  • Katherine Watson and Dawn Sutton – Durham Region Transit