CUTA Corporate Leadership Awards 2017

CUTA’s Corporate Leadership Award Winners Focus on Innovation and Efficiency in Transit

Montreal, QUEBEC

The Société de Transport de Laval (STL) chose to tackle the rising issue of traffic congestion by implementing Québec’s most advanced Transit Signal Priority project to date. With faster trip times and improved service, the STL managed to reduce GHG emissions from transit as well as attract many new customers in an award-winning move earning them a CUTA Innovation Award. Similarly, the City of Ottawa and OC Transpo worked together to uphold transit efficiency despite the LRT Construction across the city’s downtown core by organizing several internal and external awareness campaigns to inform their employees as well as the public of the incoming changes to Ottawa’s Transitway, winning them an award in Innovation

On the technological front, BAE Systems’ Series-E hybrid-electric technology was implemented into the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) bus fleet allowing for the engine to shut off at bus stops or fully switch to electric mode using RFID beacons in sensitive areas like the old town in Québec City. For this contribution to electric technology, BAE Systems won an Innovation award today.

Public and employee safety are top priority for transit systems. The Toronto Transit Commission has made great strides in creating a safe and supportive work environment by implementing a program to support its employees dealing with acute emotional trauma resulting from suicides and attempted suicides in its subway system. The success of TTC’s Peer Support Program prompted a 44 percent decrease in lost days due to trauma, helped build bonds between TTC employees, and won the system a CUTA Safety and Security award. Metrolinx was also a winner in this category for its noteworthy Construction Safety Management Program.

When metropolitan centers begin to expand beyond their limits, transit is one of the first to accommodate this change by allowing travel to and from regions previously separated. Faced with the difficulties of such a project, TransLink and South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority brought forward the Compass Card, bridging between 150 different cards and passes in their districts, and building on an incredibly successful multimedia campaign worthy of CUTA’s Marketing and Communications award. Other award winners in this category include BC Transit for their social media campaign #ExploreBCbyBus, as well as Halifax Transit for its viral YouTube video, the Réseau de Transport de la Capitales Real Time Web Tools and Nomade Mobile, and the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s awareness campaign cleverly titled, “We’re Routing For You.”

The CUTA Corporate Leadership Awards honour the best and most innovative transit system achievements in the categories of Environment, Marketing and Communication, and Safety and Security.


The 2017 Award Recipients are:


  • Société de transport de Laval
  • City of Ottawa, OC Transpo – Closure of Ottawa’s Transitway and Transit Service Changes for LRT Construction – Project “Magenta”
  • Bae Systems – Transit Electrification in Québec

Safety and Security:

  • Toronto Transit Commission – Subway Transportation Peer Support Team
  • Metrolinx – Construction Safety Management Program (CSMP)

Marketing & Communications:

  • BC Transit - #ExploreBCbyBus
  • Translink, South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority – Compass Card
  • City of Fort Saskatchewan – We’re Routing For You
  • Halifax Transit - AVL +
  • Réseau de Transport de la Capitale – Real Time Web Tools and Nomade Mobile

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