CUTRIC launches $40M Pan-Canadian electric bus trial


The Pan-Canadian Electric Bus Demonstration and Integration Trial: Phase I was launched at TransLink in Vancouver as part of a national coordinated effort to advance zero emissions transit technology, spear-headed by the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC).

The $40-million project encompasses 18 standardized and interoperable electric buses, seven standardized and interoperable overhead chargers, and five routes in three cities, said CUTRIC Executive Director & CEO Josipa Petrunic.

CUTRIC brought together manufacturers, transit agencies, utilities, funding partners, research teams, and technology development capacities for the demonstration trial that is launching first in TransLink’s system in Vancouver, B.C. TransLink is joined by Brampton Transit and the Regional Municipality of York as sites for the trial, with Brampton Transit having spearheaded the trial planning process back in 2016.