Electrifying the Future at Prevost

via Prevost

Prevost introduces the only electric cooling package for a powertrain of up to 500Hp.   Cooling is taken to a whole new level where the system takes into account the amount of cooling needed, where it is required, the power needed for the task and how this power will be generated.

Unveiled at the UMA Expo, the innovative and fully integrated system was designed entirely in-house at Prevost.  It eliminates the belt-driven fan, thereby reducing the engine horsepower required to operate. The end result is up to 4% improvement in fuel economy, better reliability/less downtime, enhanced performance and potential decrease in maintenance costs.

Prevost’s electric fan drive development was made possible by an in-house integration of all systems including a new electrical architecture. The new fans offer a progressive speed that is adjusted on demand from the engine cooling system. Since they are not driven by the engine, more power is available at the wheels.