Industry Retirements: Spring 2018

CUTA’s value is in the vast network of transit and business members, governmental agencies, specialized staff and departments, research and development partners, and most importantly, the people who fill the crucial roles at these organizations across the country. Canada's transit leaders are highly dedicated and loyal to the industry, sharing in the goal of providing sustainable and accessible transportation to Canadians nationwide. Today, we celebrate the men and women who have long served the industry and earned their retirements as of Spring of 2018.


After a full time career of 49 years, 43 of those years in the public transit/bus industry and the last 13 years with Crestline, the wheels on this bus have accumulated many miles. Wes Woods has retired from his position as Sales Consultant for Atlantic Canada on Friday, April 27th, 2018. Wes is looking forward to enjoying life, dedicating time to family and participating in hobbies and passions. Thank you for your service, Wes!



Through his 44 years in transit, Alf Stockwell, Transit Manager at Welland Transit, has had the unwavering support of his wife and family, and has greatly enjoyed the relationships he built with people he has worked with. Alf started with St. Catharines Transit as a driver in 1974. He will miss his valuable colleagues the most, but it is time to move on and let someone else take the reins at Welland. Thank you for your service, Alf!



Angela Iannuzziello, Vice President of the Canada National Transit Market Sector Lead at AECOM will be retiring from her position on the CUTA Board of Directors. After a long and rich career in transit, transit planning, and consultancy, Angela demonstrated an exquisite passion for the transit industry and association - on both sides of the boarder, and her departure will be greatly missed. Thank you for your service, Angela!



After 31 years in the transit business (14 years with Grand River Transit), Eric Gillespie decided to move on to the next chapter and retire effective May 31, 2018. Eric has greatly enjoyed working with wonderful employers, both in Niagara and in Waterloo Region. In particular, he says he has been privileged to work with such caring, friendly and professional people at Grand River Transit in his role as director of Transit Services. He is the recipient of CUTA's Lifetime Achievement and W.G. Ross Award in 2016 for his notable contributions to the industry. Eric was on the CUTA Board of Directors since 1999, also sitting as Vice Chair of Finance from 2012 to 2017. Eric also sat on CUTA's Ontario sub-committee, and the Communications and Public Affairs committee. Thank you for your service, Eric!


After 30 years in the transportation business, Paul Smith is transitioning from his role as New Flyer’s Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at the end of this year. From his early days with the New Flyer engineering team, to his current role with the executive team, Paul is honoured to be a part of bringing some really transformative innovations to the transit bus industry. He will continue mentoring the team during the transition period, and is confident that they will continue to lead with the same passion and pride of the New Flyer family. Paul also sat on CUTA's Technical Services comittee. From 2010 to 2014, he was a CUTA Board member and in 2011-2012 & 2012- 2013 he was Vice Chair - Business Members  Thank you for your service, Paul!


After a unanimous vote from his 3 sons, his wife, and the family dog, General Manager of St. Catharines Transit, Dave Sherlock will be retiring at the end of September. Dave will continue in his role as Past Chair of the Board to term, and is looking forward to a relaxing time with friends and family. Dave was also involved with several of CUTA's committees, including the Accessible Transit sub-committee, the Labour Relations sub-comittee, the Technical services committee, and the Ontario sub-committee. Thank you for your service, Dave!