'No one saying it's perfect': TTC named best transit system in North America

via CBC

CEO says TTC won because of 5-year plan, but transit advocate says award doesn't reflect daily experience

CEO Andy Byford says he is thrilled that the Toronto Transit Commission has been named best transit system in North America — but he acknowledges that the TTC is not without flaws.

"No one is saying it's perfect," Byford told Metro Morning on Tuesday. "We know the job's not finished."

The TTC last won the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) award 31 years ago. Winners are selected by other North American transit systems.  

Since that last win, the TTC "somewhat lost our way," said Byford, who said things have since changed.

TTC won for five-year plan

Both Byford and Richard A. White, APTA acting president and CEO, say the TTC nabbed the top spot because of its five-year plan. 

"The TTC's successful implementation of a five-year modernization program demonstrates that it is a leader in the public transportation industry and role model for other systems," White said. 

Byford credits TTC employees for making it happen. 

"We set out to transform the TTC over five years. I said to my team, if we up our game and we improve our performance and we pull together as one team, we can achieve this. And we just did. I'm dedicating this to my fabulous staff," he said.