This is what Brampton could look like in 2040

via Toronto Star

Free transit that loops around the whole sprawling suburb. One unified green network connecting every ravine, every park. A vibrant, developed “Uptown;” a university-focused downtown. Five new town centres, a sports arena and an “Arts Street.”

This could be Brampton.

In a 100-page document, internationally-renowned urban planner Larry Beasley details what some residents and councillors are touting as a bold, exciting and long-awaited vision for a city that has lacked a cohesive master plan for its growth — one that will see its population rise to close to one million in the next 20 to 25 years.

The vision would first need approval from city councillors who have been resistant to change.

The meeting was set for Monday night. Residents were encouraged to attend by city planning staff.

The document titled “Brampton 2040 Vision” is the result of almost six months of intense engagement — the largest of its kind ever undertaken by city staff. More than 13,000 people participated in 20 sessions, 65 community events and social media conversations from fall 2017 to spring 2018.

“When people start to have a direct involvement in auditing their own neighbourhood with city hall, when they know something will happen, then they’ll put their own flavour on their city,” said Beasley, former chief planner for Vancouver.

“We needed to get the whole community to express their diversity . . . it hasn’t been expressed well till now.”