York Region Transit Partners with INIT for TFT Multi-Media Displays with Real-Time Passenger Info

via init -  The Regional Municipality of York (YRT) has selected INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. for the implementation of in-vehicle multi-media TFT passenger information displays (PIDvisio) with real-time passenger information. The displays will be installed on 88 buses in YRT’s existing fleet, and on more than 80 new buses to be added over the next three years. INIT’s PIDvisio is designed to allow passengers to view next stop information, as well as transfers at their next stop (TRANSFERinfo) and ticker-texts.

TRANSFERinfo determines the potential transfer possibilities at the next stop, based on the estimated time of departure, the distance from the stop and the stops that YRT wants to display. The system then displays these transfer possibilities for the upcoming stop, along with the estimated departure time, so passengers know all their options and how much time they have to get to the transfer location. In addition to providing greater convenience to passengers, it will also relieve YRT drivers from having to provide this information to customers while driving.