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Issue Paper
January 2007
Transportation Demand Management: Building
This issue paper examines the nature of TDM and its role in supporting public transit, and highlights some applications across Canada.
Issue Paper
November 2007
Bus Rapid Transit: A Canadian Perspective
This issue paper will help Canadian transit stakeholders improve their understanding of BRT. It summarizes BRT’s basic nature and benefits...
Issue Paper
October 2007
Towards Sustainable Development: Building a
This issue paper explores how Canadian transit systems and suppliers are joining the international transit community as it pursues the goal...
Issue Paper
December 2006
Rail Transit in Canada
This issue paper will help Canadian transit stakeholders understand the different types of rail transit, their advantages, and their...
Issue Paper
October 2006
Investing in Transit: A Going Concern
For several years, Canada’s transit industry and municipalities have jointly advocated for stronger national investment in public transit....
Issue Paper
May 2006
Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Smart
This issue paper gives a brief overview of ITS, describes key ITS applications in the transit industry, and profiles several successful...
Issue Paper
December 2005
Public Transit: A Climate Change Solution
This issue paper addresses transit’s potential as a key contributor to Canada’s climate change strategy. It reviews GHG emission trends in...
Issue Paper
October 2005
Tax-Exempt Transit Benefits: New Insights Make
Measures like tax-exempt transit benefits can promote public transit use in a targeted and cost-effective way, and make a meaningful...
Issue Paper
September 2005
Marketing Transit in Canada: Meeting the
This issue paper will review several key aspects of marketing as practiced by Canadian transit systems. These include promotional tools...
Issue Paper
May 2005
Transit in Canada: An Industry on the Move
Public transit keeps Canadian cities on the move — getting people to work and school, reducing congestion and air pollution, supporting...