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Issue Paper
December 2014
Stopping Violence Against Transit Operators
This paper reviews important data on violence against transit operators, shows what some innovative transit systems are doing in response,...
Issue Paper
April 2014
New Building Canada Plan: The Next Decade of
In Budget 2013, the federal government announced the New Building Canada Plan. This 10-year infrastructure investment strategy offers $53...
May 2014
Organization Charts - Canadian Transit Systems
Urban Transit; Specialized Transit; Organization Charts, Transit Management
Issue Paper
November 2013
Facing the Innovation Challenge: Research and
In recognition of these facts, CUTA commissioned a new research report, R&D and Innovation in the Canadian Transit Industry, that...
Issue Paper
May 2013
Accessible Transit in Canada: Building on the
It is in the public interest to keep these citizens active and engaged, and Canada’s transit industry can help. It offers them the mobility...
NUL 2013
Summary of Collective Agreements of Canadian
Labour Agreements, Top Wages, Fringe Benefits/ conventions collectives des réseaux de transport en commun, taux horaires pour chauffeurs et...
NUL 2013
Crimes Against Transit Employees
Public transportation, crimes against transit employees/ transport en commun; crimes contre les employés du transport en commun
July 2013
Federal, Provincial and Territorial Public
Depicts trends in operating and capital funding contributions to conventional and specialized public transit across Canada
NUL 2012
Transit Bus Collision Statistics
Urban Transit; Transit Bus Collision Statistics/ transport en commun; collisions des autobus urbain
Issue Paper
March 2012
Making Headway: Towards a National Transit Policy
This issue paper identifies several priority actions (both longterm fundamentals and shorter-term quick wins) to build a more supportive...