Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Residents invited to explore their city on Edmonton’s new electric shuttle

via Global News

The City of Edmonton is launching its electronic autonomous vehicle, or ELA, and it’s looking to residents to provide feedback.

For three weeks in October and into November, residents can go to three different neighbourhoods across the city to take a ride on the electric autonomous shuttle.

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Coming soon: Buckle up for Edmonton's first driverless shuttles

via CBC

Edmontonians and visitors may have to pinch themselves next month when they see a shuttle go by — with no driver.

The city will test electric autonomous shuttles at four closed-off sites in Edmonton in a two-month pilot project starting in October.

The public will be able to take one-kilometre, six- to seven-minute rides and tell the city what they think.

Toronto to experiment with driverless shuttle to connect residents to transit stations

via CP24

A driverless shuttle could soon serve as a missing link for many residents who do not have easy access to rapid transit.

According to a report that will go before the public works committee next week, the city is planning to experiment with autonomous vehicle technology by launching a pilot project for the operation of a driverless shuttle sometime in 2020.