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BC Transit switching entire fleet to electric buses

via CBC

B.C. Transit will make its entire fleet of buses fully electric over the next two decades as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The transportation authority launched its low carbon fleet program on Monday. The plan includes replacing more than 1,200 existing buses and adding another 350 over the next 10 years, with the goal of having an entire fleet of electric buses by 2040. 

Victoria transit to move to smartphone fare purchasing

via CBC 

Commuters in Victoria, B.C., might soon be able to use their smartphones to pay for bus fare.

Right now, the city's bus system operates on cash or paper tickets, but a $21-million upgrade to the fare system could change that.

Christy Ridout, vice-president of business development for B.C. Transit, said the idea is for transit users to buy their fares on a mobile phone application, then scan their phone when entering the bus — similar to checking in at an airport.