Ridership Trends

CUTA is seeking proposals from working groups to conduct CUTA’s Canadian Transit Ridership Trends Research Project. The objective of this project is to identify causal factors and their degree of effect on ridership trends. Interested groups are encouraged to submit proposals to CUTA no later than December 6th @ 4:30PM EST.  

The research project has the following objectives:

  1. To provide an assessment of the factors that are influencing changes in Canadian transit systems experiencing an increase or decrease in reported ridership
  2. Examination of socio-economic factors, transit operations factors, service levels, and reporting factors across Canada that may influence reported ridership through research and consultation with transit systems and affiliated organizations and statistical analysis
  3. Confirm the correlation between causal factors and the degree to which they influence current and future reported ridership trends across transit systems, and overall country
  4. Provide an assessment of how causal factors can vary in correlation and degree of influence by region
  5. Based on causal factors, identify management strategies and tools to boost ridership


For more information please refer to the official Request for Proposal