About Us

Mission, vision and values

CUTA strives to provide value to its members and to contribute to the success of public transit in Canada. To do this, the association is guided by its vision and mission.


To inspire and influence the evolution of integrated urban mobility.*


  • CUTA is the collective and influential voice of public transportation in Canada, dedicated to being at the centre of urban mobility issues with all orders of government and delivering the highest value to its members and the communities they serve.
  • CUTA will be the "go-to" organization for information, trends, networking and training, providing leadership for its members and all stakeholders.
  • To operate effectively, CUTA will foster a culture of active engagement with its members.
  • CUTA will deliver a high-performance working environment. Its team will be consummate experts and professionals.
  • Success will be measured by an action-oriented focus, achievements, and contributions to member success.


We commit to excellence 

  • TEAMWORK - Work collaboratively to achieve our common goals
  • RESPECT - Treat oneself and others with dignity and trust, valuing diversity and expertise
  • INTEGRITY - Honour our commitments and take responsibility 
  • INNOVATION - Encourage and embrace creative ideas in a supportive environment 

View unabridged version of CUTA's Values (PDF).


View CUTA's By-Laws (PDF).


*Integrated urban mobility

Integrated mobility is defined as the ability for people to move easily from place to place in urban areas according to their own needs – a people-focused goal that:

  • Starts with public transport services connected to all modes of transport including walking, cycling, auto and alternatives to transportation
  • Enables door-to-door and seamless mobility throughout an urban area
  • Is designed for all segments of population.