Regional Committees

The Regional committees and their subcommittees are open to all active CUTA members in the respective regions.

Atlantic Regional Committee

This committee represents the interests of all CUTA members in the Atlantic region. The committee offers an opportunity to share information and ideas relevant to Atlantic public transit systems, advance CUTA’s transit advocacy role and identify areas of mutual concern in the Atlantic region for action.

Québec Regional Committee

This committee represents the interests of CUTA members in Québec by providing a forum for Québec-specific issues affecting transit systems, manufacturers and suppliers.  The committee works in close collaboration with other Québec associations such as the Association du transport urbain du Québec (ATUQ) and the Association Québécoise des transports (AQTr). Members address topics such as electrification of transport, traditional and alternative transit funding mechanisms, sustainable and integrated mobility, the strength of the transit supply chain, etc. The committee is open to all members located in the province of Québec.

Ontario Regional Committee

This committee represents the interests of CUTA members in Ontario and complements the work of the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA) by providing a forum for Ontario-specific issues affecting the public transit and urban mobility industry. Priorities include input to provincial policy development, regulatory oversight, assisting members with municipal advocacy and engaging municipal elected officials. The committee works with OPTA in developing submissions to provincial budgets and other legislative matters.

Prairies and Territories Committee

This highly engaged and motivated community of members from Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon meets face-to-face twice a year for one-and-a-half days in addition to ad hoc discussions throughout the year using the Members’ Only Section of CUTA’s website. Members in this community promote the advancement of all matters related to the public transit industry – whether it is the New 10 year Building Canada Plan, Alberta’s Green Trip program, fuel hedging or other infrastructure initiatives. The community tackles issues and offers peer-to-peer information and support on a wide range of transit related topics including policies, procedures, risk factors, and success statistics – from on board cameras, pilot programs for CNG and electric buses, labour relations, recruitment, to training.

The bi-annual meetings are accompanied by product demonstrations from CUTA business members – a great opportunity for business members to meet their end user clients. In addition, the Chapter hosts an annual 2-day workshop for Fleet, Operations, and Training managers and front line staff.

Check out the calendar of events for the Chapter.

British Columbia Regional Committee

The British Columbia Regional Committee (BCRC) shares information and ideas relevant to British Columbia public transportation systems, advances CUTA’s transit advocacy role and identifies areas of mutual concern or interest in the Province of British Columbia for action.

The BCRC has one subcommittee:

Safety & Security

This subcommittee focuses on the mitigation of safety & security transit issues in B.C., as well as research around sentencing and deterrents. The work reaches out broadly to other provinces to help inform their mandate.