Workforce Development


This committee, open to all CUTA members, assists members in promoting best workforce development practices through research, training and information exchange. Goals include identifying training-themed conference sessions; the development of training products and services; encouraging participation in steering committees, panels, studies, pilot projects, benchmarking groups, review and audit boards, task forces and subcommittees. Current priorities include workforce development, a review of CUTA training programs, youth engagement, succession planning, a diverse workforce, and leadership training.

Awards and Recognition Sub-Committee

This sub-committee of the Workforce Development Committee is responsible for the CUTA Individual and Corporate Awards Program. Members of the committee conduct an objective review of nominations received and determine winners in each category.

Operations Sub-Committee

This sub-committee of the Workforce Development Committee has as its aim to support operational excellence and innovation in the delivery of transit service.   Sharing knowledge and perspectives on operations-related topics, the group will be open to operations managers and directors to gain insight into the changing landscape of operational delivery.

Labour Relations Networking Group

A working group of the Workforce Development Committee, this committee serves as a peer-to-peer  discussion forum on current issues related to labour law, managing employee performance, handling grievances, collective bargaining strategies and techniques, collective agreements, operator handbooks, arbitration process and awards, standard operating procedures, diversity, human rights, and accommodation. The group meets every two months except July and August; secure document sharing is provided through CUTA’s Members’ Only Section.

Driver Trainer Networking Group

This working group of the Workforce Development Committee, is a networking opportunity for transit system driver trainers, instructors, and curriculum designers to share best practices, develop solutions, and explore cutting edge innovations in talent development and knowledge transfer with their peers. Document sharing is provided through CUTA’s Members’ Only Section. Current priority areas of discussion include onboard cameras, CVOR, Driver Certification Program and safe bus handling in close quarters.

Talent Acquistion and Recruiter Networking Group

This working group of the Workforce Development Committee meets 6 times per year by conference call or webinar to share best practices, tips, and strategies for finding and attracting the best people into our industry and support the efforts of transit systems' talent acquisition staff. The group is open to any CUTA transit member who is interested in talent acquisition and recruiting.

Supervisors' Networking Group

This working group of the Workforce Development Committee meets 6 times per year by conference call or webinar. Its aim is to support front-line supervisors within transit systems with best practices, knowledge and experience. The group will be open to all transit supervisors who want to share their experience and hear how others are working with similar challenges of the job.     

Customer Orientation Task Force

The Customer Orientation Task Force was established with a 3 year mandate in 2014 to guide our members’ customer service activities and was aligned with CUTA Transit Vision 2040’s theme of focusing on customers. Its purpose was to create a new priority approach to customer service orientation within the Canadian transit industry. In addition to supporting industry-wide customer service information and research, the task force developed valuable tools for transit systems such as, a Passenger Charter template, Wayfinding Guide, and Voice of the Customer toolkit. All are available on CUTA’s website at no cost. As tools were developed, they were explored and tested at CUTA  members and conferences. The task force has completed its mandate but may be re-initated by members' interest.

Youth and Emerging Leaders' Task Force

This task force develops strategies that support a collaborative nation-wide approach to youth engagement for the Canadian public transit industry. Consistent with Transit Vision 2040 – Theme Six (Strengthening Knowledge and Practice), the youth engagement strategy will assist in preparing the Canadian transit industry for future staffing challenges and to develop new advocates for our industry. The strategy will address industry concerns regarding attracting and retaining adequate numbers of new employees with the necessary skills and qualifications and building awareness of opportunities in our industry.

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