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South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink)

TL Project Manager, New Mobility

Application Deadline: 
February 29, 2020

Position Summary

TransLink has created a New Mobility Team which is spearheading TransLink's innovation practices in new mobility. New mobility leverages developments in shared, automated, connected and electric mobility, communications and payment technology, travel demand management and user experience research within a multi-modal and multi-partner environment.

Our innovation practices include establishing an open innovation infrastructure engaging both internal and external innovators. The evolving innovation infrastructure is composed of programs for pilots, demonstrations and innovation calls, with a wide array of communication interfaces for ideation including events, roundtables, working groups, and an engagement web portal.

The New Mobility Team are responsible for ideation, evaluation, and implementation of new ideas. To succeed, the New Mobility Team need to maintain rich and frequent communication with various parts of TransLink's functional areas, as well as with external private and academic sector actors. The ultimate goal is to keep TransLink innovative in a rapidly changing mobility landscape, in order to enable seamless and efficient door-to-door mobility for people and goods, ensure affordable and equitable access for all, and promote safe, healthy, clean and compact communities.


The Project Manager for this position will primarily work in one of two work streams:

-Managing projects in development, piloting, evaluation and implementation of new mobility options, new partnerships, and business models to deliver a seamless user-focused end-to-end mobility experience. Current and planned projects/pilots include a TransLink-managed vanpool program, on-demand flexible micro-transit, integrated mobile payment, trip planning and rewards/incentives for multiple service providers on a single "Mobility as a Service' platform/account. Several other pilots within new mobility is in the pipeline. A candidate with operational experience from business development and running real trials and/or developing new concepts on the ground will have the right fit for the job.

- Managing ideation, outreach, and partnership development with the private, public, and academic sectors. The intake of new ideas is the fuel necessary for us to keep innovating. The New Mobility Team is running several projects to attract these ideas from both external stakeholders as well as our own staff. The New Mobility Team is also responsible for keep building a robust innovation infrastructure inside the Enterprise making ideation, evaluation, funding and realization of these ideas as effective as possible. This workstream has a high share of engagement and external communication. A candidate with high emotional intelligence comfortable with convening discussions and forming concrete outcomes in complex and multi-stakeholders environments will have the right fit for the job.

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