Customer experience: a focal point for RTC

Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC)

Since the introduction of the real‑time Nomade system in 2016, the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) has continued to innovate by implementing new digital tools. From bus stop information displays, to static bus shelter and station screens, to touch screens in public spaces and service centres, RTC enables its customers to optimize their travel by disseminating information in real time on multiple platforms.

Real-time Nomade: a continually evolving mobile app

With over 210,000 downloads to date, the app has become the most widely used customer information tool. RTC keeps a close eye on technological developments to make real‑time Nomade ever more useful to its customers.

Adding an alarm-setting feature, saving favourite locations, locating a Park & Ride on the map, looking up nearby points of sale and displaying arrival times at upcoming stops are all improvements that give customers even more accurate information for better travel planning. An innovative feature has also recently been built into the mobile app. Customers can locate the position of the bus and track its progress in real time with a colour icon showing network slowdowns – a first in Quebec!

Enhanced web platform

The RTC website has close to 300,000 visits every month. Since RTC is committed to continually improving how it does things, a complete overhaul of the web‑based customer information platforms and content management system is currently underway.

A ticketing solution for mobile devices will also be rolled out. Complementing OPUS, it will allow customers to purchase fares anytime, anywhere. RTC is aiming for mobile payment to go live in 2019. In a second phase, this system will provide a regional tie‑in for fare purchases.

The RTC transports 155,000  people every month in the Québec City Area, a diverse and growing customer base. It operates a fleet of close to 600 buses, many of which are hybrid and air‑conditioned, running on 134 routes and serving over 4,500 stops, including 20 weather-protected stations. It employs more than 1,600 people in its two operations centres and offers real‑time timetables on all routes through its range of real‑time Nomade tools. 

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