CUTA Announces First-Ever Photo Competition

Transit fans, get your cameras ready!

CUTA is launching its first-ever photo competition aimed to showcase the beauty, complexity and benefits of transit in Canada. This contest is open to the public and all entries must be submitted by August 15, 2018. Winners will receive cash prizes, including six $200 prizes for finalists and three grand prizes of $750.

Please read all rules and regulations prior to submitting your photos. Photos that violate the conditions of the contest will not be considered.

You can submit multiple photos to any of the pre-determined categories, a jury will select the finalists on August 22, 2018.

The three categories are as follows:

A. Art in Transit

When we think of transit and urban mobility, we think of buses, trains, and bike lanes. Its time to think about art as well! This category is dedicated to the beautiful and modern evolution in transit. Capture transit vehicles, stations, and bike lanes in the most creative, abstracted, or colorful ways. Play with shapes, perspective, and lights as you wish. Transit is beautiful. #CUTAPhotoComp

B. Transit Community

When in transit, we Meet, Socialize, Discover and Travel. This category looks at the social dimension of transit. One of our themes at CUTA is “putting the customer in the heart of the transit”. Capture the social side of your Transit Community—whether that’s in a big city or a small town. Models are encouraged and allowed, but not required. Any age, anywhere on transit! #CUTAPhotoComp

C. Integrated Urban Mobility

There are many ways to get around the city: busing, skating, cycling, or simply walking! Urban mobility is an ever-changing world of humans in motion. Capture several modes of transit in one photo, from bikers and buses sharing a street, to joggers running on the boardwalk while a ferry sails on the river behind them. Show the diverse nature of urban mobility in Canada. #CUTAPhotoComp

So get out there a capture that perfect shot. Let’s show the world how beautiful transit can be!

CUTA 2018 Photography Competition


I'm resubmitting my photo titled "bikeboatfloatplaneML because it had grafitti on it that I hadn't noticed. I've removed it in this newest version. Thanks!

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