Providing transit options to keep people moving and transform communities

York Region Transit

York Region’s bus rapid transit system is designed to meet the changing needs of communities across the Greater Toronto Area. With a well-connected network of dedicated and curbside rapid transit service, high-quality stations and urban design, and reliable, frequent service, vivaNext is part of the transformation in York Region.

Rapid transit that provides choice

Congestion has been the number one concern of residents for over 15 years. As York Region grows and experiences unprecedented growth, the need for people to get out of their cars will be even more critical to alleviating the pressure on our corridors. Rooted in sound, triple bottom-line policies, the Region’s bus rapid transit network provides dedicated rapid-transit service that can replace up to 70 cars on the road. It seamlessly connects our fastest growing, most dense communities to employment areas and key destinations along some of our busiest corridors to help customers get where they need to go, faster and more conveniently.

Distinctive, high-quality design that is functional and inviting

From the modern curved-glass stations to the distinctive green bicycle lanes to the buses equipped with all the bells and whistles, viva’s BRT system and facilities were designed with the customer in mind.  Tree-lined boulevards are wide and separated from traffic and are finished with coordinated street furnishings and planters. This streetscape is connected to the overall experience, creating a sense of place. The stations have automatic doors with built-in sensors to provide heating, as well as seating and European design that is safe and inviting. Today’s world is busy. Purchasing tickets at the stations is as easy as tap and go, and the real-time information provides customers more reliable travel time. The stations and rapidways are designed to be accessible for all ages and abilities with audible announcements, tactile strips and distinctive pavers along crosswalks. The customer’s experience is at the heart of the rapidway design.

Seamless, well-connected rapid transit that connects customers

Transit is evolving in York Region, and vivaNext and York Region Transit works collaboratively with GO Transit, TTC, and other GTA transit agencies to ensure seamless connections across the GTHA that support sustainable mobility options. This provides the customer a convenient transportation system in attractive, well-connected communities. In the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, the first inter-regional, cross-boundary subway connects the Highway 7 rapidway to the Spadina subway allowing customers to travel from downtown Toronto to Vaughan in just 42 minutes. This connection of two major transit systems at the junction of offices, residences and entertainment has driven economic development and innovation in York Region. With the recent service improvements along the GO Transit lines as well as the provincial commitment for the Yonge subway extension to Richmond Hill Centre, rapid transit is boosting the economy and improving the quality of life of all customers. As transit services continue to integrate fares, it’s simpler to connect between YRT/Viva, GO and TTC.

The vision of a world-class, well-connected, seamless transit system connecting people and places is now a reality in York Region and there is more to come!

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