Renée Lafrenière: CUTA Individual Awards 2017

Hired by the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) on November 28, 1983, Renée Lafrenière has over 33 years of valuable experience in performing a variety of roles and responsibilities, including her current position as Director of Development, Marketing and Communications. Ms. Lafrenière leads a 40-member team. She organizes, directs, and controls planning development activities related to the public transit system and its infrastructure, marketing, service launches, fare setting, communications, public relations, customer service (telephone information, comments, service outlets and the transit fare distribution system), partnerships and services for major special events.

Renée Lafrenière has always been professionally engaged and has shown outstanding determination in contributing to the industry’s fortunes. She sits on several CUTA task forces. Renée pioneered many STO initiatives, including recurrent satisfaction surveys to measure customer satisfaction with the various service components. Data gathering on user habits and opinions has always been her passion in an effort to improve service. At the CUTA York Forum 2017, Renée was recognized with a CUTA Distinguished Service award.

In 1998, the STO innovated by introducing the smart card as a method of payment on its bus network. This move was a North American first. Renée was the project officer who established the first generation, and then instigated the fare structure’s evolution to customer rewards programs. Many STO fares were the first of their kind in Quebec or even in Canada.Renée has participated in many development activities with other transit corporations, including a historic agreement on public transit between the STO and OC Transpo. The agreement creates an effective link between the two networks at the O-Train Confederation Line arrival area.

Another creative project that was managed by Renée that will leave its mark for years to come is the development of the new STO brand image. Her good-natured sense of humour works to create friendships and her dedicated efforts have been crowned with success!

The CUTA Individual Leadership Awards honour notable achievements by transit personnel in the categories of Distinguished Service, Excellence, and Heroism.


Renee. Well done and very well deserved.


Bravo Renée! J'ai la chance de te connaître depuis longtemps et j'ai beaucoup appris en travaillant avec toi. Tu mérites amplement cet honneur. La STO a été un leader dans son domaine et tu as contribué à son rayonnement. Merci pour ton dévouement à l'ACTU mais aussi pour l'avancement professionnel en transport collectif en général.

Bonjour Renée,
Je me joins à vos amis et admirateurs pour vous féliciter pour cette distinction qui vous honore et souligne votre apport au secteur du transport en commun.
Bernard D'Amour

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