Thank you, transit operators


Every year, the Canadian transit industry celebrates Transit Driver Appreciation Day. Whether it’s driving you to appointments, work, school or social gatherings, transit operators are always there for you.

This year is particularly important because transit operators are currently on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe you’re working from home to reduce contact. Maybe you’re practicing social distancing as much as you can. Or maybe you’re worried about a loved one.

Today especially, spare a thought for the people driving our buses, LRTs, and trains. Transit operators spend hours every day in confined spaces, sometimes filled with hundreds, even thousands, of people. It’s not easy. And they deserve our sincere thanks and appreciation for keeping our communities moving. On behalf of the Canadian transit industry, thank you to every driver for going to work each day.

On Wednesday, March 18, we invite you to let your transit operator know you care:

  • Tell them “thanks.”
  • Use the hashtag #tdad (Transit Driver Appreciation Day) on social media
  • Fill out your local transit systems Customer Feedback Form or call their Customer Service Centre and tell them about your positive experience

But transit operators deserve a lot more than our thanks; they also deserve our help to keep them and other passengers safe. So when you take transit, never cough or sneeze openly. Sit if you can, to minimize surface contact. And practice social distancing by leaving as many empty seats or space between other passengers as you can. More importantly: if you feel ill, stay home and avoid public transit.

You might be on public transit for only a fraction of your day. Our fantastic drivers are on it for several hours. This year, more than any other, they deserve our utmost thanks, appreciation and respect. #tdad

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