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ECO Friendly RFID Transit Tickets - RFID Canada


TransLink's Transport 2050: How engagement is shaping the future of Metro Vancouver - TransLink

TransLink launched its largest ever public engagement to create Transport 2050, the new Regional Transportation Strategy.

Connecting Mobility Services on a Single Booking Payment Platform

In Karlsruhe, Germany, transportation providers are paving the way in connecting mobility services on a single platform through the RegioMOVE project.

Intelligent Transit Infrastructure - PowerTrunk

As our homes, cars, phones all become more intelligent so should the transportation infrastructures we rely on to move people between their homes, offices or other destinations.

Edmontons Transit Strategy and Bus Network Redesign - ETS

Understanding the needs and expectations of transit customers is a key challenge for every transit agency.

The ABC s of Service Dogs - CFAS

Most people would agree that the impact of service dogs in the lives of persons with visible and invisible disabilities, life-altering injuries, and chronic illness is profound.

Advance Bus Detection Strategy Using Peer to Peer Signal Communication - City of Calgary

Various technologies are available for bus early detection and each comes with own limitations.

Connecting People to Transit: Communicating Safety in Communities - SALT + COMPANY

Transit is evolving for the future, with many changes already here today.

Managing the Transition to Scheduling and Operating Electric Buses - GIRO

More and more transit agencies are looking to add battery-electric buses to their fleets. Ultimately, the goal is to operate only with electric buses.

Preparing the City of Toronto for Automated Vehicles

Learn about the City of Toronto's approach to preparing for automated vehicles.

Successfully Introducing Transit Priority Into Mature Urban Environments - City of Vancouver

There is huge momentum around densifying our cities around transit oriented developments and providing better facilities for people walking, cycling and taking transit.

A Natural Complement to Public Transit

In this presentation Selena McLachlan goes over the potential of carsharing in the future, and how integration between carsharing and public transit could best be combined, and how, overall, the fu

Speed of Change: How Transportation is Changing in our Cities

This presentation given by Sandra Phillips goes into detail about how car sharing companies have succeeded, and how the use of Automated Vehicles (AV's) will change the entire ecosystem of car shar

Mobility as a Service - MaaS through account based ticketing in Finland

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), describes a shift away from personally owned modes of transportation and towards mobility solutions that are consumed as a service.

Big Data - Transit App


The Untapped Transit Ridership Solution

Transit riders represent a valuable demographic to advertisers, especially when coupled with data transit operators have access to such as demographics and start/end journey locations.

The Effect of Fare Reductions on Low-Income Transit Riders: A Randomized Controlled Trial

We examined the effect of fare reductions on low-income transit riders in the Waterloo Region of Ontario.

Who's Riding TNC's? What are the Pilot Projects? What Does it Mean for Public Agencies?

In this presentation, Sharon Feigon explains what the Shared-Use Mobility Center is, and how its recent study helps determine how it is possible to live a regular life without owning an private veh

Ride-Hailing Today and Implications for Transit

Bruce Schaller discusses the interactions between transit and taxi's/TNC's and how that relationship will impact the future of both of those systems.

Delivering Mobility as a Service

In this presentation about Mobility as a Service, George Hazel discusses how MaaS services should be looking more on a populations lifestyle needs versus their mobility needs.

Fare Capping - Enticing Cash dependent Riders to an Account based Fare System

For several decades, transit agencies throughout North America have offered prepaid passes to enable passengers to pay fares in advance in return for a heavily discounted price per ride.

Mobility as a Service. The End of Car Ownership?

In this presentation, Sampo Hietanen discusses how the MaaS program developed for Finland, Whim, came to be, and how it works on a day to day basis.

Powering On-Demand Shared Rides in Arlington Texas

Lindsay Mitchell discusses in this presentation about how the City of Arlington has partnered with a TNC in order to provide service to its citizens.

The Future of Urban Mobility

This presentation discusses the potential of a future where people no longer have to drive personal vehicles.

The End of the Mobility Status Quo

This presentation discusses why rideshare and public transit can work together to remake the conventional methodology that has been used in the past.

What You Need to Know About Electric Bus Scheduling and Operations

Electric vehicles are a new technology that present public transportation agencies and operators with a host of new challenges and questions about maintenance, utility charges, planning and schedul

Measuring and Improving the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure

The Regional Resilience Assessment Program (RRAP) is a vulnerability and dependency assessment program for owners and operators of Critical Infrastructure (CI) facilities within the 10 CI sectors i

Metro Vancouver Mobility Pricing Study

This presentation talks about how Metro Vancouver is organizing its transit in a way to reduce overall congestion as well as pursue methods that result in the greatest benefit for the commuter.

Wheel Trans Transformation - Toronto Transit Commission

The Wheel-Trans 10 Year Strategy provides guidance and direction for service and operational improvements and necessary changes essential for the TTC and Wheel-Trans to ensure long term sustainabil

King Street Pilot

King Street, the heart Toronto's downtown, has the largest concentration of jobs in Canada, and is Toronto's busiest surface transit route.

Next Level Mobility

This presentation given by Reinhard Birke details how Vienna has implemented their Mobility as a Service system named "Smile".

Metro Vancouver on the Move

Mobility Simplified

In this presentation, Peter Soutter discusses the logistical issues that may arise in a future full of Automated Vehicles and car sharing services.

TDM - Carshare and Development Approvals

In this presentation, speaker Lorenzo Mele discusses how the region of Peel is using Transportation Demand Management (TDM) to help create guidelines for future developments and making sure that cu

Carsharing and Transit: We're Better Together

This presentation given by Erin Blay and Pam Coolie discusses how the Halifax Regional Municipality has started implementing a Transportation Demand Management system called SmartTrip, which is off

The Electrification of Canadian Urban Bus Transit

This presentation given by Dr. Mataz Mohamed discusses the potential of future electrification of various Canadian bus fleets.

Making the Health Connection - How Greater Manchester is bringing together Health and Transport

This presentation is about how transportation in greater Manchester should be improving people health, by focusing on improving infrastructure in transit and active transportation.

Ride on Demand, Mobility on Demand

This presentation discusses two mobile apps that York Region Transit is utilizing to help users plan trips.

Integrated Mobility Toolbox

This presentation discusses the new Integrated Mobility Toolbox and how the changing dynamic of the transit landscape effects everyone.

Urban Transportation, A Question of Health, the Case of Montreal

In this presentation, Dr Louis Drouin discusses how the city of Montreal has been measuring the impact of the transport system on the public health of its citizens.