Initiatives in Motion

CUTA is always striving to deliver high quality content, with the aim to advance the evolution of integrated urban mobility in Canada. CUTA develops projects continuously throughout the year, including studies, reports, visualizations, and creative projects initiated by our members. Active initiatives are profiled on this page; check back to see developments and results as they progress!

Artificial Intelligence for Travel Demand and Travel Behaviour

The transportation landscape is changing rapidly, due in part to shifting travel mode choices, real-time passenger information, and the changing nature of work (such as telecommuting and flexible/variable work hours). CUTA’s Planning & Intelligent Transportation Systems Subcommittee is investigating artificial intelligence as a tool to help transit agencies predict customer trends and plan strategically in this new environment.

Electrification Game

Electric traction power is set to become the standard for transit agencies in the coming years, as part of a broader effort toward increasing sustainability and limiting the contributions of the public transit industry to climate change. The process of electrification will progress differently in every community, based on the local context, as well as the resources and expertise available to each agency.

Ridership Methodology Study

Ridership data is a critical source of information for transit agencies to assess existing service, estimate customer needs, monitor trends, and benchmark with their peers. As agencies modernize their technology portfolios with tools such as smart fare systems and automatic passenger counting systems, available methods for counting ridership are evolving. Bridging the differences between ridership data obtained by various collection methods is an important challenge to overcome to continue supporting effective cross-comparison, both between agencies and year-over-year for the same agency.

Advanced Data Visualization with Diversified Data Sources

CUTA has long collected statistical data on transit agencies in Canada. Now, in conjunction with our Open Data Initiative we are endeavouring to update the way we communicate our wealth of information in compelling, digestible visual formats. To do this, we are looking outside of our traditional scope of statistics collection to incorporate spatial information from agencies as well as correlated socioeconomic data, to tell wider stories about transit use in Canada.

Integrated Mobility Toolbox 2.0

CUTA is updating the Integrated Mobility Toolbox with additional case studies, and is working to provide a streamlined tool for members to submit new and interesting examples of integrated mobility initiatives. Transforming the Integrated Mobility Toolbox into a living resource will further strengthen its authority in documenting the evolving mobility landscape in Canada.