The ABC s of Service Dogs - CFAS

Most people would agree that the impact of service dogs in the lives of persons with visible and invisible disabilities, life-altering injuries, and chronic illness is profound.

However, barrier-free urban transit can get complicated due to a wide range of variables. No one organization, business, regulator, or group can resolve challenges facing urban transit and the accessibility and accommodation of service dog teams, but it is possible by working together for mutual success.

As a result, this presentation will shed light on proposed solutions and the dynamics of the service dog industry marketplace and how competition and branding plays a significant role within the transportation sector.

An introduction to the proposed Unleashing Potential Initiative will be the backdrop making room for a discussion to explore not only the advantages of working together, but how CUTA and its Members can influence pawsitive change, while helping CFAS to better understand challenges through the lens of urban transit.

What You Can Expect By attending this presentation

CUTA and its members will be invited to enter into a brief dialogue during the question period. The presentation will explore potential ways in which we may connect, communicate, collaborate, cultivate, and celebrate the benefits of barrier-free accessibility of service dog teams as we venture into the ABC's of Service Dogs in Canada.

In summation, this engaging segment will introduce the proposed Unleashing Potential Action Plan a Plan where everyone matters.

Recorded Jan 29 2020