Connecting Mobility Services on a Single Booking Payment Platform

In Karlsruhe, Germany, transportation providers are paving the way in connecting mobility services on a single platform through the RegioMOVE project. The project combines mobility offers from several providers – from bike and car share to bus and train – in one shared platform. Along with planned intermodal travel chains, end users will be able to book with a single click and pay just once, regardless of which modes they used. Another essential part of RegioMOVE is the creation of mobility hubs in the region, called "ports." This is where passengers will be able to transfer from one mode to another comfortably. In order to achieve this, an extensive analysis of locations and mobility demands is ongoing. A modular construction will make it possible to adapt the ports to the specific requirements of the different locations, and still give them an unmistakable, unified brand. The project is a testament to how innovative and effective Open Mobility Platforms can be for transportation providers and their communities.

Recorded on March 25