Connecting People to Transit: Communicating Safety in Communities - SALT + COMPANY

Transit is evolving for the future, with many changes already here today. Elements like electric vehicles, first mile/last mile solutions, connected infrastructure have all disrupted the way we operate transit systems.

No matter the innovation, the most important metric of success is a transit system's safety track record. Within the increasing complexity of future transit operations, safety is paramount. But is the public actually listening to your current safety marketing messages?

As we evolve, it is imperative transit agencies update their safety communications for those in and around the transit systems, with an eye towards culture change and targeted messaging.

This presentation will examine what the future transportation ecosystem will look like, as well as emerging approaches to enhance safety communications and compliance amongst the public. We will review proven tactics and promising innovations, designed to decrease risk, increase safety, and enhance transit operations. The future of transit is already here, and we need to ensure everyone is on board.


Recorded December 18th 2019