Fare Capping - Enticing Cash dependent Riders to an Account based Fare System

For several decades, transit agencies throughout North America have offered prepaid passes to enable passengers to pay fares in advance in return for a heavily discounted price per ride. While popular for many passengers, the purchase of even a day pass, typically priced at the cost of 3-4 rides, can be a financial challenge for some and always requires the passenger to first determine if the number of rides that are likely to be taken will be sufficient to justify the investment. Additionally, these passes are generally available for purchase at the agency's ticket window and perhaps a few other locations, often requiring the passenger to make a special trip to complete the purchase. Fare capping eliminates these issues by allowing passengers to pay fares on a per ride basis but automatically "capping" those fares once the total amount paid equals that of a day, week or month pass. Often called the "fairest fare", fare capping has been implemented by dozen or so agencies worldwide and more are evaluating its potential. This session is intended to provide an introductory overview to allow participants to better understand this fare strategy and to begin their own evaluation of it.

Recorded August 14th 2019