Intelligent Transit Infrastructure - PowerTrunk

As our homes, cars, phones all become more intelligent so should the transportation infrastructures we rely on to move people between their homes, offices or other destinations. This presentation will focus on how our transit communications systems can provide real time data and information across their wireless networks creating an intelligent transit infrastructure. One of the most critical piece of information an infrastructure should provide is the location of their vehicles and people. Regardless of whether the we are talking about underground subway cars, work trains, streetcars, LRT, buses, adopted transportation vehicles, work trucks or simply employees walking around, a transit authority should be able to make decisions based on where and what resources are available to them. Indoor location systems when no GPS is available, Geo-Fencing alarms, and the ability of dynamically creating new communications groups based on this information, in either day to day operations or emergency events, are all part of what we will be demonstrating. Other items include real-time telemetry information from vehicles (doors open/closed, ticketing, passenger counts, etc), from infrastructure monitoring devices (fans, pumps, beacons, etc) and Passenger or Driver Information Systems. Finally we must consider that all of this information going back and forth should be considered as part of a critical infrastructure and as such transit organization should consider the use of private networks and the latest cyber security tools to maintain the safety and integrity of their data.

Recorded Februrary 26 2020