King Street Pilot

King Street, the heart Toronto's downtown, has the largest concentration of jobs in Canada, and is Toronto's busiest surface transit route. Over the past twenty years the east and west shoulders of the corridor have developed into very dense and thriving mixed-use districts. Prior to 2017, streetcar service operated in mixed traffic with a daily route ridership of approximately 65,000, sharing the central section of the street with 20,000 vehicles. Service suffered from slow travel speeds, unreliable headways, and overcrowding. Cyclists navigated through congestion and parked vehicles. 

Transformative action was necessary to unlock King Street's potential as a transit corridor and vibrant commercial destination. Consequently, in November 2017 the City of Toronto and the TTC introduced a bold pilot project that gave significantly greater priority to transit riders and active transportation users, imposed restrictions on through automobile travel in the corridor, and established all-day curbside uses and a public realm program in the curb lane. In April 2019, City Council voted to make King Street a permanent Transit Priority Corridor. 

This webinar will share insight on the pilot implementation process, specifically transit priority measures, data collection and monitoring, public realm enhancements, and stakeholder management.

Recorded on Jun 12, 2019