Managing the Transition to Scheduling and Operating Electric Buses - GIRO

More and more transit agencies are looking to add battery-electric buses to their fleets. Ultimately, the goal is to operate only with electric buses. Achieving this goal can make public transit more attractive and enhance the quality of life in our cities.

Electric buses bring special constraints and considerations for planning, scheduling and operations. How long and how far can they operate between charges? How long does charging take? Where can it be done? What is the impact on fleet size? These questions must be addressed to offer service that meets customers' expectations of reliability and efficiency. It requires changes to transit agencies' traditional approach to managing depots and resources.

Houari Cheikhi of GIRO, the maker of the HASTUS optimization software for public transit, will present strategies for transitioning to all-electric fleets. He will provide insights into planning considerations and propose scheduling and operations solutions.

Recorded on December 6th 2019