Successfully Introducing Transit Priority Into Mature Urban Environments - City of Vancouver

There is huge momentum around densifying our cities around transit oriented developments and providing better facilities for people walking, cycling and taking transit. But can we also continue to expect to move the same number of cars as we have been? Streets cannot continue to get wider if we are to achieve our aims of more walkable, healthy, delightful and safe communities. We cannot have our cake and eat it. The good news is that there is an even bigger, tastier cake, which we can have, and eat, and will make us smile, if we're bold enough with our vision and clear enough in our objectives and technical analysis.

In order to support the exciting visions for our cities that we have, we need to focus on moving more people around our cities, not more vehicles. Transit lanes have the potential to move more people than a general purpose lane, but it can be challenging reallocating space from something else, usually a general purpose lane or a parking lane. The presentation will include examples of projects that illustrate the City of Vancouver's recent experience in making the case for more transit priority, with a particular focus on the recent 41st Avenue RapidBus line which has recently finished construction. This will cover using the correct data and analysis to show why transit lanes should be provided, as well as the importance of engagement and communications with the public to ensure a successful project.

Recorded on October 10th 2019